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Guarntees -Customers could set your mind at rest of origin, guarantees when you by any Ly Phu Vinh products because we always give reliable warranties and technical supports enthusiasm to customers. 

Warrantee time

-LPV ECR has two years of guarantee

-Software, scanner, finger time attendance and printer has one years guarantees

-Spare part has six moths of guarantees.

Contain guarantee

- Ly Phu Vinh has responsible for warranty of failures, technical problems occurred due to the fault of manufacturer or software program

Guarantee methods

Routine guarantees

The customer services will contact to customer for answering difficulties and question of customer about ECR or software every months.  

LPV Technician will come to customer location for guarantee software in every quarter.

Every year, LPV Technician will guarantee to all LPV products which was sold. 

Used assistant

- Instructing of fixing mistake via telephone, fax, email, internet or come to customer location directly when product has mistake

-Ly Phu Vinh lends equipments for using temporary during guarantees periods.     

-It must be enough guarantee condition of LPV warranty policies.

 -Terms of warranty

-It will be guaranteed in free if it still has guarantee duration- Guarantee duration is calculated from the delivery date which was stated on warranty receipt

-It must be have warranty receipt and warranty stamp stick on products.

Questions or complaints about warranty issues

Questions or complaints about warranty issues please contact with phone: (08) 39.100.680


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