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Beauty Salon Software

Beauty Salon Software

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The LPV software using in beauty salon.


LPC labelled software specializes in creating barcodes; it is one of the many solutions LPV offers to smoothen the daily business activities.


Main function

-       The software is easy to use and the barcodes it creates are readable by all of the barcode readers in today’s market (128, EAN/JAN-8, EAN/JAN-13, etc.)

-       It is possible to adjust the barcode size as to fit it on the wanted paper.

-       Can be used on a laser printer.



-       LPV software can be used in different organizations in example: supermarkets, bookshops, and fashion shops.


Main functions

-       Control income and expenses.

-       Sales report.

-       Able to decentralize each user: managers, employees, cashiers, etc.

-       Can be used to easily keep track of the profits, debts and possible losses.

-       Manage you VIP customers’ trough code or MSR.

-       Keep track of your current stock.

-       No limited quantity of groups or items that can be added.

-       Ten different price levels per commodity.

-       Able to delete, return, and cancel invoices.

-       Easy to collect and read customer/supplier information.

-       Easy to check all employee transactions.

-       The software will make re-printing bills very easy.

-       Able to connect with your computer through the Internet.

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