Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization

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DS makes it possible for management to check store activities from another location.

 (Data Synchronization)

1 Remote access:

  - Remotely accessible management of sales data for each store and/or branch.

   + Wholesale price

   + Retail Price

   + Order Status

2 Data synchronization:

   - Real-time data synchronization will provide updates of the branches each minute.

   - Synchronize list, details of the goods to the store branch organized in:

   + Category

   + Catalog

   + Size

   + Color

3 Management Staff:

   - Management of employees, employee groups, and permissions for each branch store:

   + Manage the information of each employee

   + Easy to manage personnel changes

   + Each person can change his or her password for your own protection

   - Accumulate points for the online customer: cumulative points deducted points for each branch store.

    - To transfer goods between stores.




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