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Sales consultant

Sales consultant

Before investing in a Electronic Cash Register you should carefully think about what it is you are looking for. Ly Phu Vinh would like to give you some useful advice before you decide to buy an ECR, so that you will not be disappointed.

1. Business Types

Restaurants, fast food joints, coffee shops, bars, canteens etc

Besides the basic functions, it preferable contain the following functions:

  • Able to manage table diagrams
  • Able to manage your commodities
  • Separate/merge/transfer table function
  • Controlling kitchen printer and take a noted process

Fashion shops, retail shops, bookshops, supper markets, beauty salons etc.

The following functions are of great value for the above mentioned business types:

  • Number of PLU
  • Able to control your stock
  • Able to promote your wares
  • Increase/decrease %
  • Increase/decrease unit price/total amount

Billiard, Karaoke, Internet services, Hotel etc.

Besides the basic functions, it preferable contain the following functions:

  • Charge time automatically
  • Input registration information
  • Controlling table status
  • Set different prices for each day/hour
  • Controlling deposits for the rooms.

2. Type of machine


Positive points

  • Able to control from behind your computer
  • Suitable in most business types
  • Stated diagram and commodity display
  • Control sale movement’s trough the internet.

Negative points

  • Since the software is connected to the internet it is slightly vulnerable to viruses
  • Requires employees to have a certain level of computer knowledge

- ECR when using the keyboard

Positive points

  • Perfect for middle and small sized businesses
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Not vulnerable for computer viruses
  • Long life expectation

Negative points

  • Small sized bills
  • Will need additional updates if you want to connect it with the internet


Positive points

  • Touch display makes mouse and keyboard absolute
  • Remotely manageable through the Internet
  • Shows table plan and commodities on the display
  • Simple and quick usage

Negative points

  • A big investment

3. Price

There are multiple ECR’s on market –they can be divided in to three types

  • High end: POS with touch monitor –origin: Japan, Korea, or Taiwan
  • Middle end: ECR which makes use of a keyboard –origin: Japan, Korea, or Taiwan
  • Low end: ECR with a small amount of functions –origin: China

You should choose a ECR that is suitable with your business size.

4. Quality

  • Picking a prestigious brand is advisable since it will be more profitable in the long run.
  • Try to choose a supplier with great service and long experience.

5. Services

  • Beside choosing good quality and best brand name try to look for a supplier that gives a good warranty, after-sales service, and a nice promotion.
  • Technical support 24/7


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